Judas Feast: Tips to Prevent a Not-So-Happy Thanksgiving (and a Poll)

I sat down to write about making the “right” choices on Thanksgiving day. Maybe I’d mention that the average American may consume more than 4,500 calories on the holiday? Or maybe I’d talk about how important it is to get some exercise before (and after) gorging on all that crazy-rich food to put at least a little of it to work for you? Or how eating a low/no carb breakfast before filling your gullet with turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, rolls, stuffing, apple pie, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, more stuffing, etc. is a great idea. I could always talk about eating intuitively; eating to nourish your body and not getting caught in a binge? But I’m not going to. Not this time. There are hundreds of articles (trust me, I just read half of them) out there that offer similar advice that you can Google in seconds.


This is for those who might overindulge. This is the other side of that mountain of mashed potatoes and gravy with extra butter. This is to help you out during and after the meal when you’re miserable, regretful and hating yourself for eating so much. I’m not advocating that everyone loses their damn mind Thursday, quite the contrary. But guess what? Many of us will. It happens. This is for you.

The practical, proven advice below is the same I give my clients who are dealing with digestive stress. While these tips will also help those who suffer from digestive issues that are acute and ongoing, I created the easy-to-follow list below as a way to help prevent or minimize the most common (gas & bloating, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea) sufferings that often parallel Turkey Day.

Keep those antacids on the shelf.




What it feels like:

Uncomfortable fullness after eating a meal

Abdominal pain and/or distention

Excessive farting


Actions to take:

Chew your food well (15 + per bite)

Colon massage (following the line of your colon)

Foods to eat:

More fiber

Less (or no) dairy

Ginger, anise, fennel

Avoid sugar alcohols like sorbitol and xylitol


Digestive enzymes


Activated charcoal






Eating too fast (see chewing above)

Too much caffeine

Too much sugar or refined carbohydrates

Low stomach acid

Actions to take:

Don’t over consume liquids with your meal

Eat slowly (yes, chewing again)

Foods to eat:

Increase vegetables

Avoid overindulging caffeine and sugar

Avoid ice-cold drinks



Apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp in water)

Fennel tea


An 8 month old baby boy crying really big tears.


Actions to take:

Get some exercise

Gentle yogic twists

Child’s pose

Foods to eat:

More fiber

Ample water for hydration

No dairy

Probiotic foods like sauerkraut or kimchi

Flax and chia seeds



No processed foods



Digestive enzymes


Vitamin C

Marshmallow root





Food allergies or sensitivities

Lactose or sugar intolerance

Impaired digestion


Lack of good bacteria in the gut

Actions to take:

Drink a lot of fluids and stay  hydrated; green juices, tea

No sugar, fat, dairy, excess meat

Place something warm on the abdomen while reclining

Foods to eat:

Simple green juices

Mild fruit smoothies


Black currant or blueberry juice

Slippery elm tea

BRAT diet: bananas, rice, apples, toast





Aloe vera juice (2-4 oz)

Ground flax


Be grateful everyday



Christopher Hostetler is the founder of Do Not Die Young – Integrative Health & Nutrition Coaching. He’s a proud father, gunshot survivor, musician, writer and Muay Thai enthusiast residing in Los Angeles. He has made self evolution through nutrition, lifestyle, and mental and physical wellness his life’s work.

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