The Rise of the Seasonal Super-Human

Spring has sprung, and so have the “Amazing! Life-changing!” detox/cleanse claims. I, too, have fallen victim to many of these claims over the years. My wallet has also taken a beating while trying out different cleanses that I thought would aid in my attempt to become a Seasonal Super-Human. Did they work? Some, kind of. Most, no. They did, however, heighten my awareness of all the toilets within a three-mile radius of where I might be during said cleanse. Is that a super-human power?

The truth is, our bodies are designed to constantly cleanse themselves. Every time we sneeze, cough, urinate, or defecate, we are eliminating toxins from our systems. The goal of any cleanse should be to accelerate this process. A cleanse or detox is best used as a foundation for a healthy (and ongoing) change in lifestyle. We tend to rely heavily on quick fixes that make us feel good for a few days, or months, and then transition back to the destructive behavior that made us “need” to cleanse in the first place. Breaking this cycle of “cleanse and repeat” can lead to drastically improved health and overall well-being. Try to support your natural self-cleansing with healthier food and drink choices every day.

There are two major toxins which accumulate in the human body over time:

1. Environmental Toxins, including pesticides, herbicides, carbon monoxide, prescription drugs, phthalates, BPA and VOCs.
2. Metabolic Toxins which are released into the body from parts of food that remain undigested. Common culprits are casein (an allergy-triggering protein found in milk products), gluten, and sugar.

Below are 10 tips to support natural self-cleansing on a daily basis. By following just some of these suggestions, you may not feel the urge to perform a seasonal detox due to your increase in overall wellness. Additionally, you may prevent disease and lose weight while you’re at it!

1. Eat more organic greens. Every day.
2. Eat more organic fruit. Avoid fruit juices. Every day.
3. Drink 6-8 glasses of water. Every day.
4. Avoid processed food like it’s the plague. Every day.
5. Enjoy more fermented food and drinks like sauerkraut and kombucha. Every day.
6. Get in more exercise. Every day.
7. Avoid products with man made chemicals. Every day.
8. Eat less white flour and white sugar. Every day.
9. Lower your alcohol and caffeine intake. Every day.
10. Get in touch with yourself through mediation, yoga or calming music. Every day.

The bottom line is that the healthier you are, the easier it is to create a less toxic body, mind and world.

Be good to yourselves.


Like a Needle Through Wet Paper

Yesterday, I tattooed my 14 month old daughters name on my arm, below my bicep, and dotted the ‘I’ with a heart.
I suppose I’m like many proud fathers who want to, in a way, always have the love of their life right there with them. (It’s right below my bicep because she is where my strength starts). Tattoos being such a conversation piece, I could talk about my love for baby Jane Florine until the end of time. She’s given me what I never knew was missing and made me just the right size in this vast world.

These feelings of gratitude and appreciation are light years away from where I have been. The events leading up to now are my history, but if I forget the road I took to get here, I am damned to find myself walking down the middle of that dark highway once again.

I used to loathe early mornings. Those evil birds piercing my sanity like a needle through wet paper. The sun would never take NO for an answer… The most diligent and crafty stalker… and that sobering revelation that the medicine was all gone.

See, I was blessed with a curse. I wasn’t born with the curse, the curse came in the form of a bullet. It came through the brain of a drugged out Vietnam vet frantically pacing his 2 car garage while waving a handgun. It came when he had a flashback. It came when he tried to empty that gun into the enemy. It came when he fired that gun through the garage. It came when that steel ricocheted off of the trailer of an RV and made its way to me, on a swing set, on the downswing, at the tender age of 5. The magical perfection of this event will haunt and amaze me until I leave this world for good. The bullet lodged in my spine… 1 millimeter from death on all sides.

Terrible things happen to everyone. Sometimes, if you look very closely, you can see the black clouds hanging over the heads of those desperate souls who are just yearning for a little bit of help (and a lot of kindness).

To tell you that the birth of my daughter was the only thing that made me a better man would be a lie, I finally asked for help. I quit drinking, made health and nutrition an obsession, and live everyday in gratitude while trying to always be of service to others. I now choose water over whiskey, salads over solitude and my plate is filled with love over loneliness.

Change is difficult. Positive changes being the hardest to stick to.
I’m now devoting my life to be the best father I can possibly be. To continue to change for the better every single day for the rest of my life. To let go and trust the process. To use my experience, knowledge and education to help others find some peace. Everybody deserves a little peace of mind.

Don’t you?